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is a website that offers clothing suggestions in a selective and assertive manner based on the biotype/silhouette of each of its users in order to show garments that favor the image of each one of them.

The clothing suggestions shown in StylishFit are selected by a certified Image Consultant.


  • Apply image consulting techniques to create value for a more assertive and segmented consumption and providing a free access service.


  • Service-oriented, technological, innovator and creative, detailed to the needs of our users and providing a new online experience of buying online; adding value and increasing online sales to our business partners– create a new stage in the image consulting service business in order to become a reference site on all necessary surrounding for the satisfaction of our users and business partners.

Goals – Stylish Fit:

  • Serve as a personal image consultant to our customers, service which they can access anytime anywhere, provided they have Internet access.
  • Publicize the best clothing options depending on the body type and morphology of each user – facilitate the choice of buying clothes.

Goals – Adhering Brands:

  • To publicize collections of member brands.
  • Boost sales and access to the sites of the partners.
  • Associate the brand of our partners with an innovative service, adding value to an increasingly demanding consumer.

You can see the business presentation below:

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After several attempts to contact with online stores and clothing brands, we decided to pause the project for now.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the StylishFit project, or if you would like to move forward with a similar project in your country, I am happy to help you, feel free to contact me 🙂

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